Vincennes firefighters plan to switch to the merit system


VINCENNES, Ind. (WTHI) – Vincennes firefighters plan to install a merit system. Under a merit system, a council would deal with the hiring, discipline and promotion of firefighters. Vincennes is currently considering a board of directors of five.

Currently, decisions are made by the fire chief. Once the leader has made a decision, it goes to the work committee.

The idea of ​​bringing a merit system to Vincennes firefighters is not new. It was offered to firefighters in the department in the past. But a majority of those in the department are expected to vote to change the system.

Vincennes Mayor Joe Yochum said: “I will say if it’s done right, I absolutely support a merit system. Absolutely. I take care of hiring and promotions.”

Firefighters are voting on the proposal this week. A city council vote is scheduled for next week.

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