UA System defines a search panel for the farm station

University of Arkansas system president Donald Bobbitt has set up a search committee to help find the next vice president for the Agriculture Division, his office said Monday.

The research committee includes representatives from agricultural constituents, faculty and staff, a chancellor from another institution in the UA system, and a member of the University of Arkansas board of trustees.

The Agriculture Division is considered by industry officials to be one of the key components of an agricultural state like Arkansas. The division conducts research through the Arkansas Agricultural Experimental Station and provides assistance or services through the Cooperative Extension Service.

The division has locations in all 75 counties of Arkansas. Its primary mission is to help food, fiber and fuel producers and processors access and use the right technology, according to its website.

The broader mission includes addressing issues such as food safety and suitability, health and nutrition, natural resource conservation, and programs serving youth, families and communities. One of these programs is 4-H.

Bobbitt will lead the national research. The committee will develop a shortlist of candidates to recommend to Bobbitt, who will select one to present to the University of Arkansas Board of Trustees.

The board of directors makes the final decision on Bobbitt’s recommendation. The Agriculture Division is part of the UA system. The UA Board of Directors is the governing body of the UA system.

The research committee will begin its work in December, the UA System office said on Monday. The panel will profile and promote the position and roster before the end of the year, according to the UA System office announcement. A research web page will also be developed, the office said.

Bobbitt is looking for someone to replace Mark J. Cochran, Vice President of Agriculture since 2011. He retired on September 30.

Bobbitt has appointed Chuck Culver, assistant vice president and director of external relations in the Agriculture Division, to lead the division as interim vice president since October 1.

The members of the research committee and their affiliations are:

Christina Miller, Agriculture Division staff; Marvin Childers Poultry Federation / Agricultural Development Council; Mike Freeze, Arkansas Farm Bureau / Agricultural Development Council; Blair Griffin, County Officer / Post; Debbie Moreland, Agricultural Conservation / Development Council; John Anderson, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, professor and department head; Ioannis Tzanetakis, professor at the AU; John Clark; Faculty of AU; Ed Fryar, AU Board Member; Peggy Doss, Chancellor, University of Arkansas at Monticello; Kelly Robbins, Arkansas Rice Federation; and Bobbitt.

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