U.S. designates future I-27 as part of the Interstate Highway System

LUBBOCK, Texas — The designation of future Interstate 27 (I-27) became official on Tuesday, March 15 when President Biden signed into law the appropriations bill. The designation recognizes the Ports-to-Plains Corridor from Laredo, Texas to Raton, New Mexico as an addition to the Interstate Highway System.

“I am very pleased that the I-27 expansion project is now enshrined in law with the passage of Omnibus Appropriations Bill FY22,” said U.S. Representative for District 28 Henry Cuellar. designation will make Texas and New Mexico eligible for increased federal funding to complete the I-27 Freeway Expansion Project, creating economic growth, jobs and business opportunities in these two states. The I-27 expansion will increase Texas’ GDP by $17.2 billion and create 178,000 construction jobs. It will also add 17,000 long-term employment opportunities in the new I-27 corridor. With this project, Laredo will also become the only port of entry to have three corridors: I-35, I-69, I-27, a boon to our commercial economy. As a senior member of the Appropriations Committee, I will continue to fund projects in South Texas that create well-paying jobs and improve the quality of life for my constituents.

“Establishing a four-lane federal highway for I-27 will be a game-changer for our economy and quality of life in West Texas for decades to come, and strengthen our food security and energy independence for the future. across the country,” said Jodey Arrington, U.S. Representative for District 19. “I had three big goals for a better, stronger West Texas when I took office in 2016: get cotton back into the bill agriculture, securing the B-21 bomber in Dyess, and establishing a federal highway for West Texas. I’ve had a lot of help from colleagues on both sides of the aisle, and I’m honored by the opportunities this will provide to generations of West Texans.

Receiving future interstate designation is the first step to beginning fundraising for the I-27 expansion. As determined by the TxDOT Feasibility Study, the I-27 Expansion is impacting the State of Texas by improving road safety by reducing the annual accident rate by 21% and by providing more access and opportunity for rural America.

“I am thrilled that we have received the future interstate designation for I-27, which will enable the infrastructure improvements needed to bring growth to our region and to the State of Texas,” said Dan Pope, mayor of the town of Lubbock. “As with most milestones, our thanks go to many people for their support of this project. From the Governor to our U.S. Senators and

Representatives, along with our state representatives, this will be a game-changing time in Texas for decades to come. »

“This exciting news represents years of planning and collaboration by so many people,” said Ginger Nelson, Mayor of the City of Amarillo. “Expanding I-27 is vital to our future growth.”

“One of the most significant events today was the inclusion of the I-27 designation in the appropriations bill,” said Brenda Gunter, Mayor of the City of San Angelo. “We are seeing a project that will have a significant impact on the Texas economy as well as our national GDP. The hard work and effort to accomplish this designation is finally paying off with a huge impact on the future of our region and of the State of Texas. Thank you to everyone who participated in the process.”

The Corridor represents three of the eight border crossings along the Texas-Mexico border: Laredo, Eagle Pass and Del Rio. As the next steps to fund and build the I-27 extension begin, the economic benefit for the United States is the addition of 1.7 million jobs and a $287 billion increase in GDP le along the corridor.

“The impact of this designation is enormous as it improves infrastructure for domestic and international markets, creates safer routes for leisure and business travel, and connects underrepresented communities across the corridor. external markets,” said John Osborne, Chairman of the Board. for the Ports-Plaines Alliance. “We would not celebrate this historic moment without the support of Congressmen Arrington and Cuellar and Congresswoman Granger, Senators Hendrich and Lujan, and our team of advocates at Hance Scarborough. We are grateful for their leadership and support of this project.

Alliance Ports-Plaines

Ports-to-Plains is a local alliance of more than 200 communities and businesses, including alliance partners Heartland Expressway and Theodore Roosevelt Expressway, whose mission is to advocate for strong international transportation infrastructure to promote economic security and prosperity throughout the energy and agricultural heartland of North America. including Mexico to Canada. Additional information about the Ports-to-Plains Alliance is available at portstoplains.com.

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