Truck Parking Information Management System Entry Required

The American Transportation Research Institute needs the opinion of truckers traveling in the Midwest regarding truck parking information systems.

ATRI is conducting an online tracking survey to get “truckers’ views on the real-time parking information system that was installed in eight Midwestern states in 2019,” according to a news release.

To participate in the survey, click on here. The survey will be open until June 24. ATRI encourages all drivers who operate anywhere in the Midwest to participate.

ATRI will keep all responses strictly confidential and report them in aggregate form. ATRI will never disclose personal or organizational information.

Specifically, the survey seeks information from truckers who have used the Mid-America Association of State Transportation Officials’ Truck Parking Information Management System. Participating states include: Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio and Wisconsin.

The transportation departments of these 10 states form the Mid America Association of State Transportation Officials coalition. They plan to use the information gathered from the survey to improve regional information technology. The Truck Parking Information Management System distributes real-time parking information to most major Midwest corridors.

This survey may sound familiar to some drivers. In January 2020, the Mid-America Association of State Transportation Officials extended its first attempt to gather information. At the time, the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association was promoting the survey to encourage its members to participate. More than two years later, DOTs in the Midwest still need more data.

Truck Parking Information Management System

In 2015, eight Midwestern states received a share of a $25 million TIGER grant for a regional truck parking information management system project.

Each state received approximately $1 million to over $3 million. The eight states also contribute 10% of deployment costs. For example, Minnesota DOT’s share is about $1.4 million while the agency paid $177,500.

“Truckers sometimes spend 30 minutes or more looking for parking spaces. We want to help them find safe and reliable parking so they don’t waste time searching, reducing their downtime and moving their products faster,” said Dan Rowe, Head of MnDOT project, in a statement. “There will also be less fuel consumption and reduced emissions.”

The Truck Parking Information Management System sends truckers information about parking space availability through traveler information websites, dynamic truck parking signs along highways, and smartphone apps.

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