Tranquility Press author, Roger E Gussett dissects the healthcare system in five hospitals and a medical journey through hell

Author’s Tranquility Press, the leading provider of media and advertising solutions, supports Roger E Gussett, an expert in small animal medicine, as he opens his eyes to the American healthcare system in the book, “Five Hospitals and a Medical Journey Through Hell”.

Roger E Gussett collaborated with Author’s Tranquility Pressa prominent name in the world of literature known for promoting quality content as he discusses the concept of ‘third spacing’ and how to approach medical calamity in a memoir titled Five hospitals and a medical trip to hell.

The global healthcare system has been overstretched of late, with the Covid-19 pandemic further exposing the sector’s vulnerability, putting patients in dire and often life-threatening conditions. This can be more worrying for patients who have to endure the apparent inefficiencies in terms of treatments that sometimes make them worse. However, Roger seeks to further explore the American healthcare system by personifying the experience in the book, Five hospitals and a medical trip to hell.

The author takes readers through the experience of the main character, Terry, who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at the age of twenty, and his survival from radiation treatments while focusing on the effects long-term medical conditions and how it led to his untimely death at age sixty. -Seven. Five hospitals and a medical trip to hell is particularly unique as Roger tells the story of a failed bowel obstruction surgery resulting from the postoperative fluid therapy condition known as “third spacing”. Terry had received a kidney transplant in 2006.

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About Roger E. Gussett

Roger E Gussett was born in Columbus, Ohio and graduated from The Ohio State University Veterinary College before joining the Army Veterinary Corp for two years. He then went into private practice to form the Airport Animal Hospital, specializing in small animal medicine. Roger decided to become an author following the death of a loved one whom he had followed in several hospitals over a period of 3 years. His medical experience prompted him to make multiple mistakes that led to his death.

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