They are Argentinian and make warm clothes with a system that is all the rage

Tired of being fed up with bad weather, Nicolas Molina, Matias Arias, Julian Sanchez and Kevin Schajtero, decided to invent and create one that allows them to carry out their activities without having to cover themselves with many clothes to face the cold. They got together, tried different options, analyzed the market and finally decided to do Wonderworm,

this is how the mark came

kevins industrial engineer and commercial director of the company (Leads the marketing department) in dialogue scope Recalled that “At the start, the initial idea was Nicolas and me; We discussed the prospect of making warm clothes in 2019We tried to start, but because of our university studies, (we didn’t have enough time to devote to it) we couldn’t start. The following year, in the midst of a pandemic (I went to the USA to ski, where I saw warm gloves and socks), we added Matias and Julian (Julian’s family owns a famous textile company, they helped a lot) at first)We decided to do some testing and sized it up (we made the vest first). Now we have vests, leggings and jackets with heating, on the other hand, we also make jumpsuits, t-shirts and sell caps,

The reasons why he did this were clear from the start. “Partly out of need, when it came to doing our favorite activities (all four of us are big fans of outdoor activities), we were limited to not doing them in winter or wearing lots of clothes for keep us. hot (discomfort) »He argues.

And this indicates the purpose of the mark: “What we are looking for with our products, in addition to our value proposition, which warms us up, is that they are classic products (aesthetically luxurious and of excellent quality), so that the people who buy them can enjoy them. both in winter. season and summer for the rest of the yearCustomers use products every day, they no longer take them out.

The four friends have known each other since they were 2 years oldThey were classmates and lived nearby. Today, there are three of them working on the project and “We will add new products and technologies by 2023”It is a surprise ! continues Kevin.

how to wear the jacket

“The operation follows, DInside each garment we integrate the heating system leaving a USB connector and a button for the user to interact with the product., USB This is used to connect it to our power source (A powerbank or a USB connector, it is used to connect it directly to the connectors of the motorcycle), the latter fills the heating system with current, and this energy is dissipated as heat in each pad (the pads have a very thin copper structure through which the current flows). The energy we use does not endanger the useris a very small amount (5 volts and 2 amps)”, explains the young engineer.

heated jacket

And he adds:With the button, the heating system can be turned on or off (usually the system is not on all day, turns on if it is cold and turns off when it reaches a pleasant temperature). Do, The button (switch) allows us to control the temperatureThe heating system has 3 operating temperatures. (37C, 45C and 55C).

Regarding the operation of the batteries, Kevin explains that they charge like a telephone, Inside its packaging is the cable to recharge it and in addition, it is also used to recharge the mobile phone »,

impact on the public

As for the feedback from the masses, Kevin was very grateful for the effect of each product. “At first we were aiming for extreme cold conditions, then we realized that people were using it for countless things (motorcycling, skiing, trekking, biking, working, fishing and for their daily lives).) We also wholesale to our distributors and companies in various provinces through our website We highlight activities such as ski schools (SKIMAX in Bariloche) as well as car dealerships (Yacopini Mercedez Benz in Mendoza).

They also said that they are “working on new overseas sales channels, and the production of products does not stop at any month of the year. We always work in the off-season with production, because with seasonal demands, it happens that at its peak it exceeds our real production capacity (we must stock up to avoid shortages)”.

brand extension

With clear and concrete goals, young entrepreneurs aim to expand the brand across the globe. ” We contacted Chile, Brazil, Uruguay and the United StatesChile is more advanced, that maybe in 2023 we will have distribution at the country level, and on the other hand, the United States is also in the process, We have sent samples to several companies interested in distributing our products (they are satisfied with our quality, which is gratifying because the American standard is very high)”Kevin assured.

And he did it through reflection and example for young people who have not yet decided to act: “The first 2 years were almost respectable (literal first year we got no salary and second very less salary). Today, fortunately, we can live from it, We work hard and do it very carefully, We are passionate about what we do and are fans of our company. We have offices and a warehouse for daily operations, and the idea is to keep growing. We are working on new projects to boost the local and regional economy. Our vision is to be the leading warm apparel company in the South American market (that says tomorrow, let’s aim globallyrespectively…”

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