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I have a friend who asked me, “Why do they keep voting for these guys?” I had no answer for him.

He was talking about Governor Gavin Newsom and his legislative minions. I too have often asked myself this question.

California has concentrated pockets of Wokers – in Santa Monica, San Francisco, Stanford and even Santa Barbara. But the outer regions of the state use common sense. The problem is that there simply aren’t enough to overcome the Liberal tactics used to manipulate our elections. Mix in the hundreds of thousands of brainwashed college kids, and the results will pretty much always be the same.

Therefore, California has been under a one-party system for many years, and we see the results of their failed policies everywhere we look.

After dodging a rigged recall effort, the man of the hour is back next month. Unfortunately, I had to look up who is running against Governor Newsom. I am ashamed. It’s bad when you don’t even know who is trying to defeat the destroyer of the state. (The Republican challenger is Senator Brian Dahle.)

Let’s review once again how wonderful California is and what you can expect if we don’t change the guard.

Something that struck me recently was that Governor Newsom vetoed a bill that would have required the state to provide full-day kindergarten. He expressed his concerns about the expenses. Why this sudden preoccupation with spending too much – and for young children?

In May, Governor Newsom bragged that the state had nearly $100 billion in cash surpluses. Wow! This corresponds to the 100 billion dollars wasted on the high-speed train, which still has not laid a track. And it was recently reported that another $5 billion was added, and I heard it jumped again to $113 billion. Three former officials of the “imaginary train” debacle now admit it was and still is a debacle.

At this rate, if it is ever completed, which I don’t think anyone thinks it will ever be, including the Newmeister, the kindergarten could have been funded for a hundred years. It has enriched many unions and destroyed lives and businesses along the way. It is the efficiency of government.

Earlier in the year, when the governor needed a grades boost, he promised he wasn’t going to raise the gas tax. Well, he lifted it anyway. Lawmakers said they needed an extra mullah for the roads. You drive on our roads, what do you think? And we’re still blessed with the highest gas prices in the country. While the rest of the country is in the $3 range, California is enjoying $6, $7, and even higher. Higher fuel costs, higher taxes and still shitty roads.

In an effort to deflect from his shortcomings, Governor Newsom convenes a special session to prosecute “greedy” oil companies for “excessive profits”. Another typical maneuver. When you’re wrong, point the finger elsewhere. Boy, have we been seeing this a lot lately. High gas prices are Russia’s fault. For Californians, you can buy gas in another state for half the price, and Governor Newsom is redirecting the blame in California to the big bad oil companies that keep his winery running.

Of course, this has nothing to do with stopping oil production and closing refineries. Plain and simple, California decides for you what you can drive and how comfortable you are.

Although we can’t have kindergarten classes, Governor Newsom is going to spend millions, if not billions, to provide abortions to non-stators. Ironically, children already born cannot start school early because the governor will not spend the money.

Governor Newsom also signs a bill allowing children — children, mind you — who come to California for sex-transforming drugs and procedures and parents have no right to stop it. This insane bill was actually approved by Kalifornia’s one-party dictatorship.

California can be proud to have the highest percentage of “unsheltered” in the country, almost 50%! More than $12 billion was spent on the homeless between 2019 and 2021 alone, and the number of “homeless” still exploded. In the tarnished state, we have accepted homeless municipalities taking root in our cities. Things are so bad that there are sections that look like old photos of Calcutta or Bangladesh that I saw when I was a kid. Do they have that in England, China, Singapore, Abu Dhabi? I do not think so.

Why do we tolerate it here? Where did all this money go? He’s gone to hundreds of organizations started on the backs of meth pipes on the street by people who claim to care. But they only pocket the money in the form of administration and “expenses”. These loving and caring people sleep in houses with walls, windows and mattresses. Where is the monitoring? Where is our legislature concerned? Where is President Nancy Pelosi or US Senator Dianne Feinstein or lying US Representative Adam Schiff?

Finally, before running out of space (this requires its own section): crime. Another fact that Governor Newsom and the cowards of Sacramento can brag about. California is one of the 20 most dangerous states in our great country. Ironically, the most liberal and enlightened city in the country, Seattle, was born. Seattle had allowed its citizens to enter through the gates of hell after more than 400 police officers threw down their guns and left. Seattle now offers hiring bonuses for new officers. If that, don’t beat it all? One of the cities to sing the loudest to defund the police is now begging them to come back. Democrats running for office across the country are suddenly pretending they didn’t mean it.

In the meantime, California district attorneys are making sure the victims are the ones who suffer.
Somehow, we need to fix electoral corruption and empty Sacramento’s honeypot. My gut tells me that won’t happen anytime soon. I hope I’m wrong. But just to be on the safe side, better bury your money right next to your guns.

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