Texas A&M University system approves office space for DFW expansion

COLLEGE STATION, Texas – The Texas A&M University System is eager to establish a greater presence in Dallas-Fort Worth by establishing its footprint downtown.

“The Texas A&M University System Board of Trustees has voted to expand our ability to lease space here in downtown Fort Worth,” said Dr. Kim McCuistion, Associate Vice Chancellor and Director of the Forth Campus. Worth from the Texas A&M University system.

Dr. McCusition says this project will enable renovated and new programs in North Texas.

“We have four parking lots where we will be building brand new structures and replacing the law school, and of course providing state-of-the-art experiences, opportunities and facilities to our partner agencies,” said Dr McCuistion. .

Austin Franco is a recent graduate of Texas A&M School of Law.

Although he had not attended A&M during his undergraduate career, he knew this was the program for him.

“I know when A&M puts their name on something, they’re going to do what they can to make it great,” Franco said. “They’re going to make the right investments, hire the right people, and that brings in good students, good teachers. Everyone wants to take a step back. »

Franco is currently an associate attorney and says he has connected with local attorneys through the A&M Career Center.

“Law school found me the job and groomed me for it,” he said. “I just started a few weeks ago, I’m still trying to figure it all out, but a lot of things I learned in school come through and help me for sure.”

Meghan Collier is also a recent graduate of A&M Law School and says the experience was nothing like she imagined.

“People weren’t exactly ruthless,” Collier said. “We were all there because we wanted a quality education, but I guess everyone decided that in the spirit of Aggie, we were going to work together and not against each other.”

Dr. McCuistion says it’s all about providing an educational experience for the community.

“A rising tide lifts all boats, so it’s really exciting to be able to continue to work with other universities in this region to ensure that we provide access and opportunity for an affordable education here in the northern Texas,” Dr. McCuistion said.

Collier is currently studying for the bar but will begin her legal work at the end of this month as an associate attorney.

“There are so many new teachers, and they’re increasing the number of programs and things going on, so we really need the space, that’s for sure. I will be here in Fort Worth to see it all happen,” Collier said.

Dr. McCuistion says she is looking forward to the Texas A&M University System expanding its presence in Fort Worth and looks forward to starting construction next year and opening the new buildings in a few years.

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