System Of Down’s Shavo Odadjian Releases Four New 22Red Concentrates On ‘Go Skate Day’

Chavo Odadjianbassist of system of a Down, celebrated the launch of its four new 22Red concentrates – and #GoSkateDaywhile skating on The Churchill in Phoenixreported Phoenix New Times.
On the night of June 21, Odadjian and his 22Red crew skated with their friends and other skaters by Cowtown Skateboards in front of the Churchill. They skateboarded through an abandoned warehouse listening to punk rock and heavy metal.

Carlos Solteroformer skateboarder and now Cannabist budtender Tempe complimented the rock star’s 22Red concentrates.

“On the Shred 22, I’m pretty sure it sounds more like an almost sour diesel,” Soltero said. “And just when you open it, it’s super fizzy, like it really reeks of diesel. I felt like as soon as I exhaled, my brain clicked on it. It really made me , like, just getting up and wanting to go.”

22Red is a premium lifestyle brand focused on cannabis, fashion, music and wellness.

“Cannabis has always been there for me in good times and bad. I spent most of my life smoking weed,” Odadjian said. “I wrote iconic guitar riffs on Machine Head’s debut album and I was definitely stoned when I did. A good Sativa can open channels and help someone access ‘The Song’.

Long before Odadjian founded the cannabis brand and starred in System of a Down, he had been skateboarding since the age of 5. “So my parents would have two jobs [and we were] living in a small apartment in Hollywood on North Kingsley Drive,” he said. “And when they were at work, I was skating halfway, taking a bus, and heading to Venice Beach without my parents knowing about it. – at the age of 12. I’d skate with those big guys, mate. I learned stuff like ‘non-conforming’ and ‘varials’ from the main guys,” Odadjian said.

“So until today, I’m 48, I still see a sidewalk and I have this skater’s eye. I’m like, ‘Man, I could do that’, even if I don’t. I don’t. I want to break everything because I play music.”

Image by El Planteo

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