SkyWater Florida Achieves ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certification

BLOOMINGTON, Minnesota–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SkyWater technology (NASDAQ: SKYT), the trusted technology delivery partner, today announced that its Florida facility has achieved ISO 9001:2015 quality management system certification to support national heterogeneous integration solutions . In January 2021, SkyWater took over the operation of the Center for Neovation, a state-of-the-art 200mm semiconductor manufacturing facility in NeoCity, Osceola County, to meet the emerging needs of commercial agencies. and governmental electronics of American origin.

ISO 9001:2015 is the world’s most widely recognized quality management standard and helps organizations meet the expectations and needs of their customers. As part of the certification process, SkyWater Florida engaged in a rigorous audit of its business processes. By achieving this level of certification, the company demonstrates its ability and willingness to effectively provide a quality management system while continuously improving its services and internal processes.

“Adhering to our quality policy and maintaining a management system that is both effective and efficient gives our customers confidence in our processes,” said CJ Bonifas, Vice President of Quality, EHS, Failure Analysis and SkyWater’s operational excellence. “By having measurable quality goals and openly encouraging feedback from internal and external parties, we are able to track our progress and make improvements that have a truly positive impact on our business.”

According to Dale Miller, Site General Manager of SkyWater Florida, “Achieving this standard is a reflection of our hard work and dedication as we strengthen the Florida facility to provide a national source of heterogeneous integration solutions. ”

SkyWater plans to offer its customers US-based manufacturing capability for the next generation of heterogeneous integration. These offerings include Si interposer with and without silicon through-hole vias (TSV), hybrid wafer-to-wafer bonding (W2W), and wafer-level packaging (FOWLP). Plans for the near future are to offer hybrid die-to-wafer (D2W) and die-to-die (D2D) bonding capability to allow integration of different semiconductor devices, commonly referred to as chiplets, into a very dense package that offers better performance at the smallest size for the lowest cost. Applications such as AI, 5G, IoT and consumers are driving the demand for increased performance of electronic devices, and demands for the production of advanced packaging have been created by these technologies.

About SkyWater Technology

SkyWater (NASDAQ: SKYT) is an American semiconductor manufacturer and DOD-accredited trusted supplier. SkyWater’s Technology as a ServiceSM model streamlines the path to production for customers with heterogeneous development services, volume production and integration solutions at its world-class US facilities. This pioneering model enables innovators to co-create the next wave of technologies with various categories including mixed-signal CMOS, ROICs, ultra-hard ICs, discrete power components, MEMS, superconducting ICs, photonics, carbon nanotubes and interposers. SkyWater serves growing markets including aerospace and defense, automotive, biomedical, cloud and IT, consumer, industrial and IoT. For more information visit:

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