Shorter COVID test lines after installing the reservation system

Cars line up at a COVID-19 testing site in Herriman on Saturday. People say the queues have been much shorter since a reservation system was put in place. (Ray Boone, KSL-TV)

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HERRIMAN – Getting a nasal swab isn’t the most comfortable feeling in the world; however, at least one aspect of getting a COVID test in Herriman these days isn’t so painful anymore.

“Last time we were here we stood in line for two and a half hours. This time we’ve been here for six minutes,” Becky Jacobson told KSL-TV just after completing her test on Saturday.

That’s because the Herriman Town Hall test location only went to reservations this week instead of first-come, first-served.

Jacobson, who needed to get tested with her daughters, is happy the change has happened so she doesn’t have to wait as long for a test as she did the last time she was here .

“The traffic was really bad,” she said. “At one point he went down 134th.”

It’s about a mile.

This is also why the Utah Department of Health and Nomi Health, which manages this site, decided to launch a reservation system.

“Unfortunately, we’ve had a surge in demand for COVID testing because of omicron and also because of people mixing over the holidays,” said Dr. June Steely, who works with Nomi Health. “Demand got so high that our venues were really having trouble with traffic backing up and lines blocking driveways and blocking roundabouts.”

However, not all testing locations have been moved to reservations. Some are always first come, first served, which means there could still be long lines.

Dr. Steely asks for patience and not to pick on workers who are just doing their jobs.

“There were people who got upset and lashed out at them,” she said. “But there are also people who brought them snacks and Chinese food, so we just need more love in this world, patience and understanding.”

Since switching to a reservation system, the queues are much shorter.

It also helps to make those who need a test more relaxed.

“I saw the lines in Bluffdale coming out of the park and down the street. It looked terrible. Booking is the way to go,” said Richard Wilcox, who lives in Bluffdale and came to Herriman on Saturday.

“It’s much better,” Jacobson said.

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