Retired teachers help create new book lending scheme for seniors

Retired teachers from Dryden have come together to support literacy and learning among older people in the community – while supporting the local library.

The group Retired Educators in Dryden and Area District 35 announced that they have successfully applied for a grant as a project sponsor in partnership with the Dryden Public Library, providing staff with a $4,000 community grant to help seniors continue to read at home.

“This grant will help increase access to and circulation of large print books, and will benefit more seniors who are homebound due to visual/mobility/and/or medical issues,” says the interim CEO, Tina Wallin.

RTOERO members say the funds will help grow the library’s large-print book collection and help establish a large-print book lending library. The project includes two methods of book distribution, including door-to-door delivery to seniors and Canada Post delivery to other communities.

“RTOERO promotes projects that will help our organization achieve its strategic goals of improving the lives of our members and seniors, and strengthening our presence in our broader educational communities,” adds Carol Gardam, RTOERO District 35 President. .

“Partnering with the Dryden Public Library for this wonderful project definitely meets those goals. The possibility of having more opportunities to read during your senior years is so important to everyone’s vitality in life,” adds Gardam.

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