Products that weaken the immune system for COVID-19 are named

In times of COVID-19, it is harmful to eat fast food, industrial sweets and other products containing sugar. Such advice was given by the candidate of medical sciences, doctor Sergey Chudakov. It is reported by RIA Novosti.

“People today mostly eat pro-inflammatory (inflammation-promoting) foods about. “”) products that do not help strengthen the immune system, but rather weaken it. All this is fast food, in particular, fries loved by many, industrial mayonnaise with vinegar, industrial sweets (sweets, pastries, cakes), ”explained the harm of such food Chudakov.

Instead, the doctor named several products that contribute to a quick recovery and strengthen the immune system. “As for anti-inflammatory foods, these are sweet and sour fruits, almost all vegetables – they are useful both in raw and heat-treated form, depending on tolerance – green vegetables, rich in antioxidants, various types of berries, especially black ones, ” – says the doctor.

Nutrition plays a key role in a person’s well-being. Excess sugar content in certain foods increases its level in the blood, which is one of the factors that increase inflammation in the body.

Earlier, cardiologist from SM-Clinic Rustem Osmanov listed the most dangerous alcoholic beverages for health. Alcoholic cocktails and sparkling wine were among the highest sugar drinks.


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