Opinion: Keep San Diego’s civil service merit system in place

Re “Bullet measure that would bolster San Diego mayor’s hiring power gets key approval” (April 20): San Diego has high vacancies and now the City Council is being asked to approve a measure to to eliminate the civil service merit system in San Diego government.

No surprise, patronage is a normal progression of a “strong mayor” system. As noted, there are currently hiring issues across America, and Proposition B was a self-inflicted local impediment to hiring. The desire to hire political operatives has always been hampered by merit system standards for education and experience.

This is precisely what it is intended to do. But throwing out the education, experience, competitive testing, and interview requirements for a quick fix on the job is a major step to becoming Tammany Hall by the Sea. Patronage is not the solution for filling vacancies.

Joe Flynn
College area

This proposed election measure smells bad. Some of us still remember the tyranny of Bob Filner, 35th mayor of San Diego, in office from December 2012 to August 2013.

What now appears to be a burden could very well be a crucial check on the powers of our next tyrant. Keep the city’s hiring process as it is now. Trust in the wisdom of the early rulers of our history.

Don Hepfer

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