Official launch of the merit system to improve the employee appraisal process

London-based HR solutions provider The Merit System announces the launch of its technology-driven solution to help organizations identify and reward hard-working employees

It’s no news that one of the main causes of staff turnover is lack of appreciation from employers. However, The merit system aims to change the experience of millions of employees around the world by ensuring that the efforts of hardworking people are recognized and appreciated through a user-friendly, data-driven system.

Studies revealed that contrary to the popular and simple premise that hard work pays off, some people’s efforts are sometimes inexplicably invisible, often due to the systems adopted when evaluating employees. Over the years, several performance measurement tools have been developed to address this issue. However, such solutions have failed to effectively address the problem, and this is where the merit system aims to make a difference by ensuring that hardworking people are recognized for their efforts.

The merit system is designed to shine a light on team members who work the hardest to “build a happier workplace,” ensuring that opportunities are awarded to individuals based on merit. The user-friendly “smart” system records anonymous attendance, performance and co-worker and manager feedback information for each employee, which managers then use to make decisions about rewards and promotions. The use of anonymity helps eliminate the possibility of bias. It also allows employees to access the same anonymized information made available to the management team, bringing transparency to the decision-making process.

The merit system aims to eliminate the resentment that can slowly spread through a company after employees have been turned down following an interview. By giving employees access to the same anonymized data as their managers, The Merit System aims to improve transparency in the workplace and ultimately build trust within the organization.

For more information on The Merit System and how to try the system for free, visit – The merit system can also be found on social media, including LinkedIn and Youtube.

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