Northport moves closer to building school system

By WVUA 23 reporter Gracie Johnson

Northport is taking another step toward implementing its own school system by giving permission to hire an outside lawyer who can guide the city through the separation of the Tuscaloosa County school system.

On Monday, city administrator Glenda Webb was given the authority to find and hire a lawyer. Northport is the third largest city in Alabama without its own school system.

While the city has explored its own school system in recent years, the movement started in earnest in March with a feasibility study on whether or not the city could support its own system. The results of the study, released in June, indicated so.

“We did a feasibility study 10 years ago and another about seven or eight months ago just to update the first one,” said Northport Mayor Bobby Herndon. “Both feasibility studies said yes, we can do it, and it’s time we did it.”

Herndon said he was grateful for the Tuscaloosa County school system, but believes Northport is going in the right direction by building their own system.

“I appreciate everything the Tuscaloosa County school system has done for us, but it’s time for the citizens of Northport to put on our big boy pants and say hello, we’re not someone’s suburb Herndon said. “We are a vibrant, growing city and we need to take care of our children. “

There’s still a long way to go, but Herndon said hiring a lawyer will help them decide if it’s the right course of action in the months to come.

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