No urgent need to change the government system, says Nasheed



Former president and newly elected MP of Macchangolhi central constituency, Mohamed Nasheed said the country’s system of government would not be changed without the approval of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.

Since President Nasheed first announced his candidacy for parliamentary elections, it has been rumored that Nasheed is attempting to change the Maldives’ system of government from a presidential system to a parliamentary system. Nasheed has always expressed support for a parliamentary system of government for the Maldives.

The current presidential system of government was chosen by the Maldivian people in a vote, while the MDP already argued for a parliamentary system.

In a special interview with PSM News on Monday, Nasheed said he believed the parliamentary system to be the best form of government and the most appropriate system for the Maldives, and confirmed that the CDM’s philosophy on the matter was in line. in his opinion.

However, if talks about changing the government system are to take place at this time, they must be initiated by the president himself, Nasheed said.

“We do not want to approach such a decision in a way that could cause distress to the president. We are currently the main party in power, the president is a member of the MDP, [most] of parliament is the CDM. We are not having any problem at the moment because of this [the current government system]”Nasheed said.

When asked if he was interested in becoming prime minister, Nasheed did not respond directly, stating that he would continue to work in politics.

Nasheed stressed that it is not urgent at this time to change the government system and that the highest priority at the moment is to meet the wants and needs of the people. Nasheed stressed the importance of giving President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih the opportunity to keep his commitments.

“However, I am still of the opinion that the parliamentary system would be the most suitable for the Maldives. We can only bring the system into the county by first having discussions between the different branches of our party, our congress and other bodies. It then has to be approved by the parliament by referendum. It is a very long process. We will not take any of these measures without the authorization, full support and support of the president, “said Nasheed.

Speaking on their age-old friendship, President Nasheed said President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih is well aware of what Nasheed wants without him having to declare it. Nasheed said the biggest mistake the opposition made in the parliamentary elections was to underestimate the strength of their friendship and try to pit Nasheed and President Solih against each other. However, their friendship would not allow any conflict between them, Nasheed said.


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