Nicholson calls for potential changes to the PDC Order of Merit system: “In my opinion the system has been inaccurate over the past two years”


Paul Nicholson, in his last column on Sporting Life, called for potential changes to the current Order of Merit system that had been in use for several years.

Nicholson thinks he’s too heavy and favors the top 10 and those who win the biggest majors, like World’s or World Matchplay.

“I think it is time for the whole ranking system to be changed as it seems lopsided towards some tournaments and makes it very difficult for the top 10 to fall, and just as difficult for those who are lower to make significant climbs.” Nicholson told Sporting Life.

“The World Championship has so much responsibility for people’s place in the leaderboards and the next biggest event, World Matchplay, is £ 350,000 behind it in terms of the winners check.

“The Order of Merit worked perfectly when the world champion got £ 100,000, but now they get £ 500,000. The amounts from previous rounds are also much higher than they once were. No more money. was spent on other events, but not at the same pace.

“In my opinion, the system has been inaccurate for a few years now. “

Point-based system

So how would Nicholson change it? ‘The Asset’ also talked about a potential points-based system being implemented, like what is used in tennis with different tournaments holding different points.

“I would like a points-based system to be introduced, similar to what they have in tennis, where certain event calibers have points awarded to them, rather than breaking out of the prize money structure. .

“You would get most of the allotted points for ‘majors’ – which should be set correctly as there is a separate debate going on what they include – another installment for European Tour events and the lowest amount for players’ championship events.

“However, the points offered for these wouldn’t be that small as they don’t have a big enough impact on the standings right now for me.

“They should always keep the different orders of merit that they use specifically for qualifying purposes – for example the tables for the players’ championship finals and the European championship, as this rewards those who have done well on tours. particular.

However, the actual world ranking must be a points system with all events classified in levels A, B and C. ”

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