MHEING to supply CO2 capture system to biomass power plant

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Engineering (MHEING), a Mitsubishi Heavy Industries group company, has received an order for a compact CO2 capture system for a biomass power plant in Japan.

The order comes from Taihei Dengyo Kaisha, a supplier of factory construction, maintenance and ancillary services. CO2 The capture system offers a capacity of 0.3 tonnes per day.

Taihei Dengyo aims to implement negative carbon solutions from carbon neutral systems, to help realize a circular society. The company aims to achieve this change through the separation, capture and initial storage of CO2 emitted by biomass power plants, followed by the use of stored carbon to grow plants, for example.

The introduction of a newly ordered compact CO2 capture system is part of this initiative. Plans call for its integration into a 7 MW class biomass power plant operated by Taihei Dengyo in an urban complex in the city of Hiroshima.

The system is based on a test plant manufactured to verify the impact of the application of the new CO2 capture system at a source of biomass combustion gas, which made early commercialization possible. The basic system is a pilot installation used in the BECCS project carried out in a biomass power plant owned by Drax.

CO2 The capture technology adopted in the new system is the KM CDR Process â„¢, jointly developed by MHEING and Kansai Electric Power Co, which uses the high performance amine solvent KS-1 â„¢. It drastically reduces energy consumption.

By November, MHEING had delivered a total of 13 commercial factories using the KM CDR process worldwide, and two more are currently under construction.

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