Lucid Announces Integration of Advanced Driver Assistance System with NVIDIA DRIVE Hyperion Platform

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Lucid Group, Inc. has announced that its DreamDrive Pro Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) will add new features in the future, building on NVIDIA DRIVE Hyperion technology – a software-defined platform already built into every Lucid Air on the road today.

Lucid’s DreamDrive Pro combines sophisticated hardware – a full suite of 32 sensors, lightning-fast gigabit Ethernet, and a new dual-rail power system – with regular over-the-air (OTA) software updates. ) with an internal software stack built on top of NVIDIA DRIVE.

DreamDrive Pro offers a 32-sensor suite consisting of 14 cameras, 1 lidar, 5 radars, and 12 ultrasound units.

California-based Lucid said it plans to continue working with NVIDIA on future products.

Michael Bell, Senior Vice President of Digital, Lucid, said, “The seamless integration of NVIDIA’s software-defined compute architecture and DRIVE OS provides a powerful foundation for Lucid to further enhance what DreamDrive can do in the future – all of which can be delivered to vehicles. above the air. This can benefit all facets of the DreamDrive Pro experience.

“Lucid and NVIDIA are working closely together to create highly programmable intelligent vehicles,” adds Rishi Dhall, vice president of automotive, NVIDIA. “By developing on NVIDIA DRIVE, Lucid can deliver safe, future-ready electric vehicles, with a customer experience that continues to improve and become more capable with every software update.”

The Lucid Air Dream Edition has an officially estimated range of 520 miles or 1,111 horsepower.

Deliveries to customers of Lucid Air, which is produced at Lucid’its new factory in Casa Grande, Arizonaare in class.

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