Lubbock County Defense Lawyers Express Concerns Over Access to Court Documents System


LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) – There are concerns about access to the Lubbock County court documentary system that lawyers need to defend their clients. Today, members of the Lubbock County Defense Bar addressed the commissioners and voiced concerns and frustrations, they said, even county employees.

Lawyer Dwight McDonald told the court two people thanked him for putting this issue on the agenda so others would know what was going on.

“One of them cried. You shouldn’t have to cry because someone is trying to help you do your job, ”he said.

This is the level of frustration many users experience with Lubbock County’s new integrated public access system. In the presentation to county commissioners, attorney Ben Garcia explained that there are issues that interrupt the workings of justice and cost taxpayers money.

Garcia says he has to keep people in jail longer, pay defense lawyers extra money to get the information they need, pay district clerks to provide documents they should be able to access with a click and ask to the district attorney’s office to manually send the discovery is causing a huge expense when everything is added up.

Lubbock County Judge Curtis Parrish says he understands the frustration and asks for patience as they attempt to resolve the issues.

“We have issues now and our job right now is to see what issues arise and fix them as quickly and efficiently as possible,” Parrish said.

McDonald’s says the county can’t be the only one looking for the solution.

“We are all ready to help fix it,” he said. “We want to help you help us, so we have to work together to fix this system. “

Parrish says he’s glad the issues have been brought to the attention of the courts and wants to work with lawyers for a solution.

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