Establishing a business is for many people a milestone towards independence and improvement of the financial situation. Own company is a dream come true about being your boss and independent decision in various situations. However, opening your business is inextricably linked to expenses, and in a few cases no investment is needed. Then loans from companies on the first day of business that help you realize your dreams about your own business come in handy. So if you have an idea that you would like to put into practice, but you are worried about whether you have the means to do it, this is undoubtedly a solution that should be considered.

Loan for companies from day one

Loan for companies from day one

When we start thinking about starting our own business, securing funds for its development is the first thing that comes to our minds. It is good if we have savings that will allow us to realize the dreams of our own business, but many people decide to start operating “on their own” without having any financial resources. Is it possible? How to get a business loan from day one? What conditions must be met, what must be taken into account, what documents must be provided? We invite you to read our little guide.

Transform the project into action

Transform the project into action

If you want to start your own business, the most important thing is not to postpone your decision indefinitely. If you do not implement the plans immediately, then every day the chance that you ever dare to leave your job and go “your own way” – with or without a loan from the first day of business – decreases. What to do then? Start by organizing your activities and writing down everything that can be useful on the path to your success. Certainly one of the most important documents you will create will be your business plan. You can include everything you already know and what else you should know about running a business. List companies with a similar profile that are already on the market. Browse their websites, evaluate their strategies. Maybe on the basis of observations you will get some valuable insights and implement them at home? Make a list of things you need to do business and you already have them. If you are afraid that you will not be able to create such a document – do not worry, there are many companies on the market that for a small fee (usually from several hundred to a thousand zlotys) will prepare such a business plan based on your guidelines. Of course, you will also need a list of those that are necessary and you just need to get them. Count how much they cost and what amount you have to buy them. Do not forget about important things that sometimes may seem unnecessary, because in fact they can generate the largest expenses, e.g. legal software of the computer on which you will work, or a license for many programs that you will use. Then check what amount you lack to be able to start with your own company and implement the intended strategies. Once you know exactly how much you need – start an activity that aims to raise this money. In the field of your interest there will probably be a loan for companies from the first day of operation.

Start loan – what to do, where to look, how to prepare?

 Start loan - what to do, where to look, how to prepare?

Until recently, the lack of money was often able to bury the dreams of owning a company. Few banks decided to help entrepreneurs who have just opened their own business and cannot boast at least a few months of income. Currently, the situation has changed and more and more financial institutions are deciding to support those who are just starting their adventure with their own business. But what can you do to get a business loan from day one?

  1. First, take care of your creditworthiness. If we are the owners of a sole proprietorship, creditworthiness and risk assessment will be based on our previous experience with banks. Therefore, it is worth paying all installments on time and not depart from the repayment schedule. It will be exemplary if our current liabilities do not fully exhaust our creditworthiness.
  2. Secondly, check the offers before the application. It is a bad idea to apply for a loan for companies from the first day of operation in each particular bank. Definitely you should start by obtaining an offer on the basis of which you will choose the best and the right bank. Too early and frequent submission of applications, in addition, subject to a negative decision, may result in a total lack of creditworthiness. Then we will have to wait a long time before we ask the bank again for help.
  3. Third and most importantly, seek support from a professional who will help us find ourselves in the maze of products and options available. The range of start-up loans is very wide and varied: some banks have been offering loans to companies from day one, others require income-proof business operations for at least a few months. That is why it is worth contacting an advisor who will help in choosing the right financing, check the loan agreement and give a sense of security. Opening your own company is a new beginning in life and should be the least stressful moment for us, allowing you to fully develop your business wings and succeed in the industry we are interested in.

So, as you can see, credit for companies from the first day of operation can be a hit and help you start your dream, own business.

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