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Talent creators is based on the experiences of authors working with over 4,000 companies that use Greenhouse’s hiring software and services. Throughout the book, they provide their own first-hand insights and anecdotes, supplemented by in-depth interviews with executives from top brands like Alphabet, Stripe, Airbnb, and Whole Foods Market – some of the “Talent Makers” the authors have talked to. work. .

“The potential for people to do something great has everything to do with being in the right role, on the right team, at the right time,” said Chait and Stross. “Our goal for this book is to help companies become great at hiring. Because when they are, businesses have the confidence to dream bigger, think bolder, and take the next step. “

Talent creators is organized according to a clear progression that guides readers through all the steps necessary to create a structured recruiting process that enables companies to:

  • Define the ideal candidates by the business objectives of the position. Recruiters and hiring managers learn to work together and refine job descriptions, candidates and goals.
  • Use a deliberate and consistent process to assess all applicants. Everyone will be informed and aligned which will allow the process to move forward quickly.
  • Base hiring decisions on data and evidence. This not only eliminates unconscious bias, but also speeds up the process, resulting in better offers and better hires.
  • Learn and iterate. By using this process, companies will constantly improve in hiring and stand out from the competition.

There are two highly effective proprietary tools in Talent creators that help speed up the structured hiring process. The first is the Hiring maturity in greenhouseMT curve which evolves from chaotic to inconsistent, systemic and finally strategic. By performing a proprietary twelve-question assessment, organizations can analyze where they are on the curve, giving them a holistic picture of their recruiting operations and what needs to be improved. The second is Employee Lifetime Value (ELTV), an innovative system designed at Greenhouse to help companies calculate the return on investment of a great hire. This unique tool is ideal for establishing the business case for HR activities and for making decisions based on objective data and information.

In the book’s final chapters, Chait and Stross focus on how leaders themselves can become ‘talent creators’, ensuring that hiring excellence is a top priority in their businesses. . “We’ve had the privilege of helping thousands of organizations meet the hiring challenge, climb the ladder of the hire maturity curve, and succeed in attracting the talent they need for the environments they require. they are confronted, ”write the authors. “We hope that the lessons in this book will also serve as a catalyst for your own organization.”

About the authors
Daniel Chait is CEO and co-founder of Greenhouse. Prior to Greenhouse, he co-founded Lab49, a global company providing technology advisory solutions for investment banks. Chait is a frequent speaker on recruitment and entrepreneurship topics, and a guest speaker at business schools and conferences. Chait graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in computer engineering in 1995.

Jon stross is president and co-founder of Greenhouse. He was General Manager of International at, the leading online resource for new and expecting mothers. Previously, Stross was a member of the leadership team of Merced Systems, an enterprise performance management software company. He graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in political science in 1995.

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About the greenhouse:
Tight is the hiring a software company. We help companies become talented at hiring through our powerful recruiting approach, complete suite of software and services, Hiring maturityMT methodology and large ecosystem of partners – so that companies can hire for the future.

Situated at New York City with offices in San Francisco, Denver and Dublin, Greenhouse Software has more than 4,000 customers. Some of the smartest and most successful companies like HubSpot, Cisco Meraki, Buzzfeed, JD Power and Warby parker use the Greenhouse recruiting software platform to improve all aspects of recruiting and help them attract top talent.

Greenhouse has won numerous awards including Glassdoor # 1 Best Place to Work, Forbes Cloud 100, Inc. 5000, Inc. Magazine Best Workplace (2018, 2019, 2020) and Crain’s Fast 50.

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