How to Support Your Detox System to Eliminate Modern Toxins

In a perfect world, under perfect circumstances, healthy detox pathways would work at peak performance and require no support. Unfortunately, our modern world is filled with toxins and stressors that can overload your intrinsic pathways and prevent detoxification from going smoothly. It becomes a real balancing act.

“With the environment becoming increasingly contaminated with everything from heavy metals to plastics, we are naturally increasing our toxin load,” says Minich. The more toxins we absorb, the harder our detoxifying organs have to work to keep our cells healthy, clear and functioning optimally. When left unchecked, pollutants, chemicals, and other toxins from the air, water, and even our food can build up in our bodies and have major long-lasting health consequences. term.

“Not everyone has a problem excreting what they take in, but some people do. They may not have the full capacity of their gut, liver, kidneys, or skin due to circumstances related to their environment or because they possess key genetic variants for the enzymes necessary for the efficient metabolism of these compounds,” explains Minich.

Fortunately, there are a number of healthy habits and practices we can implement to actively support the body’s detox efforts.

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