Growatt unveils AX LV battery system to enable off-grid solar energy storage

The modularity of the AX LV battery system facilitates its installation with internal sockets, requiring no additional cable connection, while with all the external cables integrated into a single socket, its connection to the inverter is much more simplified. In short, this unique design dramatically reduces installation difficulty and time.

In terms of safety, it benefits from multi-level protections of the inverter and BMS, such as cell safety monitoring and balancing. Meanwhile, as a cobalt-free LFP battery, it stands out for high temperature resistance, high safety and stability, and best performance up to 5000 charging cycles. It also has a longer lifespan of more than 10 years while traditional lead-acid batteries can only last 2-3 years. Generally, it has more TCO (total cost of ownership) benefits for customers.

Regarding compatibility, the AX LV battery system can be used with all Growatt SPF series off-grid inverters. Moreover, it also works perfectly with SPH and SPA series storage inverters.

Growatt offers one-stop services to deliver better customer experiences. The company provides technical support during installation for faster completion. For daily use and maintenance, it provides warranty on the whole system, including battery system and storage inverters. Any system problem, if it occurs, can be quickly located and resolved more efficiently. In addition, Growatt allows installers to update battery system firmware remotely, which can help reduce O&M costs and improve service efficiency.

About Growatt

Founded in 2010, Growatt is a world leader in smart energy solutions. According to IHS Markit and Wood Mackenzie, the company is the world’s leading supplier of residential inverters and also ranks among the world’s top 5 commercial inverter suppliers. For storage hybrid inverters, Growatt is the world’s second largest supplier according to Wood Mackenzie.


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