Governor ignores merit system and considers appointing cabinet member to classified post

Even though public health should be the official hiring authority for her ranked candidates, the governor told KUAM she called to hire Aguon.

“I know there is a big criticism about Krisinda there and I have to defend my decision to appoint Krisinda to this post,” said Leon Guerrero. “She’s going to be the Administrator of the Public Health Child Welfare Program Division. If you look at her resume, she’s very knowledgeable. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Child Care and has worked in an environment. for children. “

It is unclear how the governor’s authority allows him to appoint a cabinet member to a classified post, regardless of the application process that has been advertised for the post that Aguon is apparently going to fill.

“There are no bad things or irregular or illegal things happening. Not at all,” the governor said. “I want the people of Guam to know that our administration is, we’re on top, we’re transparent and that’s what we want to do to give people the service they deserve.”

The governor has defended the above recruitments, saying they have existed since the “first day” of government. Recruitment above the step is when a person is hired at a higher salary amount than they would normally do to enter a position due to recruitment difficulties, exceptional qualifications or an education or an exceptional experience.

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