CUPE: Houston health care plan erodes Nova Scotia’s public health care system

HALIFAX, Nova Scotia–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Houston government’s new health care plan, released today, shows they are do not listens to workers and other stakeholders, and signals that more private, for-profit interests will be allowed into the public healthcare system.

“The ‘flexible legislation and regulatory regime’ and ‘person-centred approach’ referred to in the Houston plan are code words often used when governments intend to transform our public health care into a system uneven and do-it-yourself. Meanwhile, they are increasingly offloading their responsibilities, deregulating the system and ceding control to private corporations,” says Nan McFadgen, president of CUPE Nova Scotia.

“Our healthcare system is in crisis and we all know that improvements are needed quickly. However, improvements need to be made within our “public and universal” health care system, McFadgen says. “The backlog of surgeries and other treatments must be taken care of in the public system, not by contracting out to for-profit corporations.

“Once again, the government has failed to recognize that health care is delivered by a team by failing to allocate funds for staff salary adjustments, everything job classifications working in hospitals, nursing homes and community care. By not extending a wage adjustment to all job classifications, the province is failing to recognize the value these workers bring,” adds McFadgen.

The Houston government’s plan emphasizes the importance of “public” sector solutions. CUPE members want to be part of the solution, making real improvements to the system and making sure “all” of our members are treated with respect.

CUPE is the second largest union in Nova Scotia, representing more than 19,000 members who provide quality public services in long-term care, schools, hospitals, municipalities, daycares, universities, highways , community services, home support, transition houses and more.

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