Cummings promises merit-based government system

-As CAF awards scholarships to nine Liberian students

By Lincoln G. Peters

The political leader of the Collaborative Opposition Political Parties (CPP), Mr. Alexander B. Cummings, said that if elected President of Liberia in 2023, he would ensure that the country is built on a system based on Deserves that.

“We want to build a merit-based Liberia. And so, it doesn’t matter to us whether the candidates are from the ANC (Alternative National Congress), CDC (Coalition for Democratic Change), UP (Unity Party) or any religion,” said Mr Cummings on Monday, September 19, 2022.

Making a special remark during the Cummings Africa Foundation Scholarship and Honors Programme, Mr Cummings said people do not choose where they want to be born, their tribes, their religion or their color.

According to the flag-bearer of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), these things should give no advantage or disadvantage to anyone, because it is not their choice.

Rather, he said it’s what you do and the choices you make that should make the difference.

“We don’t care because these things are not your choice. It’s what you do with your life that matters,” he said.

“Liberia will not change because we talk about it anyway, we are good at talking. Liberia will not change because we [are] easy to change. Liberia will change through the hard work, sacrifice and effort we put in,” he added.

Meanwhile, Mr Cummings took the opportunity to encourage Liberians to take an interest in science as the future of the country depends on these fields.

He expressed his enthusiasm to support science that represents the future of the world, adding that he wants Liberia and Liberians to be part of the future of the world.

“Liberians should be very proud of this achievement, but it doesn’t stop there because [in] life, you have to keep pushing and learning new things every day,” he said.

At the same time, Cummings thanked and appreciated the team of panelists for awarding the scholarship to deserving Liberians.

He said he was happy that six of the nine recipients were women.

“It’s a merit-based scholarship, so it’s not financial aid. It’s something you earn because financial aid [is] based on financial need and all applicants who apply have financial need,” Cummings explained.

He said the recipients went through a rigorous process and they earned the scholarship.

Dozens of young Liberians from different religious, political and tribal backgrounds early Monday morning as part of an elaborate program received a semester-long merit scholarship from the Cummings Africa Foundation.

It will provide them with the opportunity to pursue higher education at various prestigious private universities across the country.

The Cummings Africa Foundation (CAF) is a non-profit organization founded by the Cummings family.

It started offering full scholarships to Liberians in 2017 and since then CAF has provided around US$120,000 to more than a hundred Liberian students, some of whom are expected to leave various universities in December.

CAF believes and works from the position that if every person, in every community, has the right opportunities for better health care, education and the ability to earn a meaningful income, they can reach their full potential.

However, since the establishment of CAF in 2015, it has invested more than US$5 million in the implementation of education, health and entrepreneurship programs.

CAF on Monday awarded nine full scholarships to prospective students to pursue higher education in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) and Agriculture for the 2022-2023 academic year .

Introducing the program, Ms. Teresa Cummings, wife of Mr. Alexander B. Cummings and founder of CAF, said the institution is intended to help improve communities and positively transform the lives of many people, triggering the prospect of possibilities for all. .

According to her, the foundation supports education and human development in Liberia.

She added that they have provided financial and in-kind support to several philanthropic projects in education, health, agriculture and entrepreneurship.

“It makes us feel good to give funds to students to create opportunities because sometimes people have the know-how, but don’t have the funds to help create their opportunities,” she said.

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