County of Pike begins using new mass emergency notification system

PIKEVILLE, Ky. (WYMT) – Pike County Emergency Management has started using a new mass notification system for emergencies across the county. The aim is to reduce information relay times and to secure the entire department.

“I never thought that when I got this job seconds or minutes count,” said Tony Conn, general manager of Pikeville, PIO. “It absolutely does. I mean seconds count, not to mention a five, 15, 20 minute delay.

In addition to being able to send mass notifications to the entire county, the system can also send information to small areas of the county.

“If we had a hazardous material spill somewhere along 119, if we were to tell people to take shelter in place,” said Doug Tackett, Pike County director of emergency management. “We could isolate that on a map with a polygon and say ‘notify this area’ and it will make calls to that area only.”

This ability to let people know what’s going on in their own area is crucial for people who live in Pike County and could potentially save lives. It is also important to distribute the centers that serve the region.

“We get a lot of calls to our system here in town,” Conn said. “When there’s a storm or when something’s going on, ask for road conditions, ask what’s going on, and sometimes they call 911 and it’s not an emergency.”

In addition to sending notifications, Rave 911 can also host medical information if you choose to enter it during registration. This could be crucial in an emergency, as EMS workers would know what to expect as well as your medical history when they arrive at the scene.

“It’s more than just a mass notification system,” Tackett said. “It’s a tool that helps us help people out there when they need it most. “

Tackett said that if you want to sign up for Rave 911, visit their website at or call the Pike County Emergency Management Office for assistance.

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