Council responds to calls to make Clockwise Chester one-way system permanent

Council refused an appeal by petitioners to maintain part of Chester’s temporary one-way clockwise system.

The petition, submitted to Chester West and Chester Council, called for the section near the amphitheater to be permanently one-way.

The petitioners claim the area has benefited from “much better” circulation in the area since the program was introduced in November 2020, which has led to better air quality.

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Despite the petition, the council said it would “return to the old permanent alignment of the road as soon as we can”.

Chester’s clockwise schedule was lifted yesterday, with two-way traffic returning to main city center roads.

The one way system near the amphitheater in Chester city centre.

In a statement responding to the petition, the council said: “The clockwise diversions were established as a temporary measure in November 2020 to help us work on the largest infrastructure project in Chester for over 50 years, including the construction of a new surface water drain and the Northgate development.

“Residents and businesses have been advised that traffic direction changes on the Inner Ring Road after the Amphitheater will be in place for approximately 12 months.

“While there has been a slight delay in returning to the original alignment due to issues relating to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is fitting that we keep that promise and return to the previous permanent road alignment as soon as we will be able to .

“Once completed, we will fully consider what more we can do to improve the area for all users, including cyclists and pedestrians.

“However, any future changes should follow a period of public consultation and form part of a wider plan to deliver on our commitments to the climate emergency and the shared vision of making Chester a more sustainable city – while protecting the character unique and historic feature of our city for future generations.”

Chester Clockwise lasted 16 months, four more than the originally advertised 12 months.

Petition supporters argue that the one-way system has promoted cleaner air by improving traffic flow in a busy part of town.

The petition read: “Since these roads have become one-way as part of Chester clockwise traffic has been much smoother and so for the apparently increasing number of pedestrians in the area, they no longer breathe the horrible fumes of stationary vehicles.

“It is now easier to cross the road and the neighborhood is so much nicer for pedestrians and faster for motorists.

“Let’s not go back to a time when endless queues and people traveling sustainably have to breathe in the noxious fumes of all the traffic.

“As Chester clockwise comes to an end, traffic here is expected to decrease further and once traffic has stabilized since the main ring road reopened, options should be looked at to see what changes can be made. more permanently.”

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