Consultant for intelligent transportation system: NHA board approves award of agreement to Nespak – Pakistan


ISLAMABAD: The Board of Directors of the National Highways Authority (NHA) approved the award of an agreement for the “recruitment of consulting services for an intelligent transport system and the development of a strategy and architecture nationwide ”to M / s Nespak (Pvt) Ltd in JV with M / s DATA VIEW, at a cost of Rs38.211 million.

The NHA board meeting was chaired by Captain (retired) Muhammad Khurram Agha, chairman of the NHA and considered the award of a contract for the hiring of consulting services for the system. of intelligent transport and the development of a national strategy and architecture.

The Board of Directors approved the award of an agreement for “the hiring of consulting services for an intelligent transportation system and the development of a nationwide strategy and architecture” to M / s NESPAK (Pvt) Ltd in JV with M / s DATA VIEW, the consultants retained in the combined field (technical + financial evaluation) at the estimated cost of Rs 38.211 million (which includes salary costs, direct non-salary costs and all types of applicable taxes, including 16% sales tax).

The Board further approved a Steering Committee for the follow-up of this project comprising the Director General (ITS) as Chairman, while the members included the Director (MIS), the NTRC representative, the NH&MP representative and the Director. Assistant (ITS). The board also approved the NHA -2021 Composite Fee Schedule (CSR) for implementation with immediate effect.

The board further decided the following: a) The anti-reflective foil should be incorporated into the new CSR-2021. b) The global update of the CSR must be carried out each year before the end of September of each year.

However, the rates for major items must be reviewed every two years. c) The NHA may address the issue of the analysis of unrealizable rates with PPRA with the proposal to cancel these bids as well as the forfeiture of the bid security; citing the anteriority of what is followed in the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa.

The NHA Board of Directors recommended the revised “PC-1 for the improvement and widening of the Chitral-Booni-Mastuj-Shandur road (153 km) in the amount of 21.642 billion rupees with a TRE 10.31 percent for approval by Ecnec.

The Executive Council approved the following: a. Amendment Order No.3 for the construction of the Shatial-Thor Nullah bypass (relocation of the Karakorum N-35 motorway), including the link roads (02 No, length 7.7 km) connecting existing KKH (to Minar and Thor) for an amount of Rs 2,280,001,795 (having an overall overall increase of 65.072% above the original contract price), duly approved by Wapda (sponsoring agency) and member (Finance) NHA HQ. After approval, the cost of the revised contract will become Rs5,789,468,109.

b) Acceptance, in principle, necessary, administrative approval and sanction of expenditure against Amendment Order No. 3 for said project (deposit works). The council ordered the NHA to submit a position paper to the Planning Commission through Wapda.

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