Color Health says issues resolved after system crash that shut down several Bay Area COVID testing sites

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) – Coronavirus cases are on the rise across the state of California. What makes matters worse is the system crash by Color Health. This is the company that 10 counties in California have a contract with to perform testing.

“Obviously this was extremely concerning. It has had a major impact over the past 24 hours on our ability to provide testing to people,” said Dr Grant Colfax, director of city and town health. San Francisco County.

San Francisco faces an unprecedented increase in COVID-19 cases with 149 cases per 100,000 population. The city’s health director stressed the need for more testing, but did not say when the city’s sites managed by Color will be operational.

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“We’ve been working with Color and doing everything we can to help them get their system up and running as quickly as possible,” said Dr. Grant Colfax.

Shamann Walton, chairman of the board of directors of San Francisco, takes advantage of this setback to stress the need to demonopolize the tests.

“We should always have contracts with more than one supplier. So when something like this happens and someone’s system goes down, we’re not affected as a city,” Walton said.

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At Alemany Farmer’s Market and Southeast Health Center in San Francisco, Color and the San Francisco Health Department offered free in-home test kits to compensate for canceled appointments and closed Color sites.

“You would think if a system were down they would have worked all night to fix it,” said San Francisco resident Jeanette Cordero.

“The city should do a better job of sending them to families so that we can do them at home when we need them, and not have to come and do all of that. You are exposing more people,” said Tony Salinas, a resident of San Francisco. .

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In Alameda County, where Color serves three sites, the county has confirmed that some of those sites are hand-registering people as problems persist. In Hayward, one of the sites that closed on Monday after Color’s system failure said the system is back, but they are now hesitant.

“The only thing we can’t control is the failure of the Color lab system. It doesn’t belong to us. can be tested, ”said Aaron Ortiz, CEO of La Familia.

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At 5:12 p.m. on Tuesday, Color Health responded to ABC7 News by confirming that the issues with its system had been resolved.

“On Monday January 10, we managed the delays that impacted our patient registration and sample collection software. These issues are now resolved. Despite Monday’s delays, Color was able to collect a high volume of samples from all of our testing programs in California. We have increased our ability to support our partners as they care for their populations throughout this surge in cases.

We take our commitments to our partners seriously and are committed to continuing to provide these vital public health resources. “

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