CLPS Incorporation Announces Next-Generation Credit Card System Product, CAKU, to Facilitate Digital Transformation in Banking Industry

HONG KONG, April 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — CLPS Incorporation (the “Company” or “CLPS”) (Nasdaq: CLPS), today announced the launch of the commercial edition of its next-generation credit card system, CAKU. Built on an open source architecture, CAKU offers rapid implementation and flexibility to replace the legacy credit card system, giving global banking institutions a competitive edge in digital transformation.

As the corporate banking business of global banks becomes saturated, the retail banking segment has grown rapidly, with credit card business as a key component. At the same time, the recovery of the Internet industry has tested the traditional financial sector. Internet finance and fintech, which have developed rapidly in China, have expanded the channels available to banks to acquire customers in the credit card industry, thereby increasing the penetration rate of the consumer credit market. Due to the emergence of various channels for issuing and consuming cards, as well as increasing marketing activities, financial institutions are forced to transform their credit card system from the mainframe to the open-source. The objective of this strategy is to adopt a more flexible platform and a greater ability to follow market developments.

CAKU is an exclusive product that CLPS has independently developed based on its extensive experience in the financial industry as well as its deep understanding of current banking business requirements and industry development trends. Developed by Qinson Limited (BVI), a wholly owned subsidiary of CLPS, CAKU has been fully optimized and upgraded based on CLPS’ initial credit card product from 2015. Product developed to enable digital transformation, CAKU has made breakthroughs in the following areas:

  • Architectural design – CAKU adopted an independent, secure and reliable distributed architecture, using a flexible unified system to divide into microservices that creates an open source platform solution, is independent of the mainframe platform and is able to iterate faster ;
  • Business Application – CAKU offers a new “scenario-driven” business model, including more than a thousand standardized business components, more than 1,000 API interfaces and more than 8,000 business parameters, to ensure that the credit card system is configurable and offers refined management and management. fast setting;
  • Technological Innovation – CAKU has a high-performance, high-availability and high-scalability system based on advanced real-time input design scheme, graphics engine design concept and powerful front-end transaction, which can meet the requirements of processes over 200,000 transactions per second (TPS). When a failure occurs, the recovery time objective (RTO) is less than 30 seconds and the recovery point objective (RPO) is zero. Additionally, it supports 24/7 uninterrupted operation and unlimited card issuance.

The above mentioned advantages of CAKU will overcome the limitations of the previous credit card base system, such as fixed business, outdated technology, high cost and poor user interface. It will also provide strong support for the demand for digital upgrading of the central credit card system of domestic and foreign banks.

Mr. Peng WangProduct Manager of CAKU at Qinson Limited (BVI), said, “CAKU is a breakthrough innovation based on the X86 architecture, an open source platform. By transforming the traditional perception that the core banking system could only be run on a mainframe computer platform, open source fully demonstrates its cost and IT ecosystem advantages in R&D and operations, launching a new era to replace the existing credit card core system. Meanwhile, we have adopted the “microservice, distributed and unified” architecture, which gives CAKU the technical feasibility to run on the X86 architecture platform . A new business model offered by CAKU is scenario-based. The whole process and aspects of the credit card system are designed around scenarios, which greatly enhances the flexibility of the product and allows CAKU to adopt for the challenges posed by the rapid growth of the credit card industry. “

“In order to develop a series of independent products in the areas of R&D, O&M, we also derived a set of ‘APE technology ecosystems’ from CAKU’s R&D process. It is designed to develop universal products that can “integrate everything, connect everything”. ” based on the future needs of the customer. In addition, it improves the design efficiency of one-click code generation, integrates resources, creates computing capacity, server stability and storage fault tolerance which can match the mainframe platform based on the distributed architecture. CAKU is currently being commercialized, our first target market being small and medium financial institutions in South East Asia. We also conducted several rounds of communication and demonstration with potential customers,” Wang added.

Mr. Henry Li, COO of CLPS, said, “The official launch of CAKU marks the culmination of our continued investment in product development. We will continue to develop new products to meet our customers’ demands for digital transformation using new products. Likewise, we look forward to promoting CAKU in the market, bringing new growth to CLPS’s custom IT solution services. and further improve our gross margin. »

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