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Montgomery County, Tennessee – The Clarksville-Montgomery County School System (CMCSS) appreciates the vigilance and quick response of law enforcement who were at the game and those who responded to the incident of gun violence last week in the parking lot of the West Creek High School vs. Northeast High School Soccer Game. Additionally, we thank students, families, coaches, faculty, staff, and administrators for their prompt actions and mutual support.

In partnership with law enforcement, CMCSS will continually review and improve its safety and security protocols. Law enforcement has been and will continue to be strengthened on our campuses. CMCSS strongly believes in the importance of interscholastic sporting events and welcoming the community to our campuses.

However, providing a safe and secure environment on our campuses should always be the top priority. The CMCSS will publish new safety and security policies for sporting events which will be communicated to the community by next week.

It is important that everyone understands that all persons, belongings, lockers, and vehicles on school property at any time may be searched for drugs, drug paraphernalia, dangerous weapons or any property that is illegal to bring onto our campuses. Legal and random searches by law enforcement can and will be used on our campuses to keep our schools safe.

As a reminder of previous communications, the District has created the School Safety Hub as a resource for families. We ask all families to please speak with their children about the importance of immediately reporting any safety concerns to a teacher, administrator, SRO, or other trusted adult. Whether on social media or at school, if you see or hear something, say something. Additionally, it is important that families read the student code of conduct, reinforce positive behaviors with students, and explain the consequences, including potential criminal charges, of infractions.

Under state law, an individual may be charged with recklessly threatening, through any means of communication, to commit an act of mass violence on school property or during a school-related activity. ‘school. Additionally, the student code of conduct was updated this school year to make credible threats a zero-tolerance offense (mandatory expulsion within the calendar year). In several instances over the years, students have made threatening statements that they have dismissed as jokes. Making a threat is no joke and the consequences are serious.

We must work together to keep our schools and communities safe.

Family Life Studies Program (Grades 6-12)

According to state law, school systems must implement a family life curriculum in accordance with state curriculum guidelines. In the CMCSS, curriculum development teams comprised of educators, health professionals, and community stakeholders worked together to locally design family life curriculum resources in accordance with the standards of the state for grades 6-12.

On Tuesday, September 6 at 5:00 p.m. in the CMCSS Boardroom at 621 Gracey Avenue, a public hearing will be held to explain the program development process, mandatory program components and program implementation.

In CMCSS, the Family Life Curriculum will be taught no earlier than mid-March 2023. Family Life Curriculum units for all grade levels will be available online for all parents/guardians to access and review them from mid-January 2023.

Parents/guardians have the right to exempt their students from all or part of the family life studies program. Parents/guardians will receive the program and information on how to opt out of all or part of the program from mid-January 2023 after teacher training.

ESSER In-Person Health and Safety and Budget Plans

CMCSS continually seeks stakeholder input on ESSER’s health and safety and budget plans in accordance with state and federal rules and regulations.

To view the CMCSS 2022-2023 COVID-19 In-Person Learning Overview and provide feedback, click here.

Please note on the return to school/work flowchart that home testing is not accepted for COVID justified absences for students or COVID leaves for employees. Families who choose to use home testing without documentation from the health care provider will need to use parent notes for absences.

To review the CMCSS ESSER 3.0 Funding Allocation and provide feedback, click here.

Better than ever, together

As we continue this year’s theme, Better Than Ever, Together, we are thrilled to see the continued positivity and partnerships of families and community in our schools! From Cookies and Curriculum Night at Byrns Darden Elementary to West Creek Community Spirit Day and dozens of other events and initiatives over the past few weeks, we are grateful for our community’s support of our students and educators. .

CMCSS continues to address challenges such as transportation and staffing and is committed to continuous improvement. Currently, CMCSS has 47 approved bus driver applications and 18 are completing the training program.

Last Saturday, 118 people attended the teaching permit information sessions and the CMCSS received 107 new applications on Tuesday. We appreciate your support in letting us know that CMCSS is recruiting. Please visit for available careers and to begin the application process.

As a reminder, next week is another full week of school. Schools and district offices will be closed on Monday, September 5 for Labor Day. To view calendars, visit

Happy weekend, CMCSS families!

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