Byte integrates Snapdocs closing software into loan origination system

Digital fence platform Snapdocs has signed a strategic integration with Byte Software. This integration will allow lenders to use Snapdocs within Byte’s Loan Origination System (LOS) to help streamline and automate the closing process to reduce costs and improve the borrower experience.

“We believe lenders should be able to work from their favorite platforms while automating closing tasks and providing a seamless borrower experience,” said Todd Maki, vice president of business development and partnerships at Snapdocs. “We are excited to enable Byte’s lenders to use Snapdocs in Byte’s LOS to digitize their closing process.”

“We are excited to give our customers access to more automation, process efficiencies and the ability to improve the customer experience for their electronic fences while staying within the Byte interface,” says Mark Todd, National Sales Manager at Byte Software. “Our customers appreciate the degree of control they have in Byte to configure the system to their specific needs, and the Snapdocs team has done a great job of enhancing this capability for electronic closures in Byte.”

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