BioSig is advancing the commercial launch of its PURE™ system for

Westport, Conn., May 26, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

  • Commercial pipeline to include 30 advanced leads in medical centers of excellence
  • The company’s development and operational infrastructure will be on track to support the expected sales growth after commercial deployment on July 1, 2022

BioSig Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: BSGM) (“BioSig” or the “Company”), a medical technology company that advances the electrophysiology workflow by delivering greater intracardiac signal fidelity through its proprietary form of signal processing, today announced the rollout of the Company’s national commercial program. launch campaign.

Under the leadership of its Chief Commercial Officer Gray Fleming, BioSig has implemented several important initiatives to accelerate the transition from its limited commercialization to a national launch of its PURE EP(TM) system. The company currently has over 30 qualified leads ahead of its official commercial launch, which is expected to begin on July 1, 2022. The PURE EP(TM) is an FDA 510(k) cleared Class II non-invasive device that aims to drive efficiency procedure and efficiency in cardiac electrophysiology. To date, more than 73 doctors have finished more 2,200 cases of patients with the PURE EP(TM) system.

Highlights of the business strategy include:

  • Commercial agreement with Summit Blue Capital to implement a leasing and financing program for the PURE EP(TM) system. Agreement Aims to Accelerate the Path to Purchase and Increase the Number of PURE EP(TM) Adopters Across the United States
  • Simplified product evaluations from 180-360 days to 60 days with a succinct clinical and economic value proposition that showcases technology benefits and accelerates adoption.
  • Strengthened management, sales, clinical and marketing teams under Gray Fleming, Chief Commercial Officer, who spent 18 years at St. Jude Medical/Abbott.
  • Restructuring of the clinical support and installation teams in view of increased commercial activity. The company’s new sales structure includes National Account Managers covering five regions of the United States to support product evaluations and the rapid transformation of qualified leads into sales.
  • Implemented an effective CRM system and pipeline management system to support sales opportunities and streamline customer data and engagements.
  • The company will implement a new brand strategy and new marketing programs to reflect the growth and evolution of the business. These efforts include an updated website and new visual content and branding.

“As a company, we have worked tirelessly to reach this point of commercial deployment of our PURE(TM) system nationwide. We have put the right people in place and implemented a strategy to make this happen. We believe July 2022 will be an important milestone for our company and we look forward to collaborating with our new medical centers who recognize the invaluable benefits of Pure EP(TM) for their patients,” commented Kenneth L. Londoner, President- CEO of BioSig Technologies, Inc.

Clinical data acquired by the PURE EP(TM) System in a multi-center study at centers of excellence, including the Texas Cardiac Arrhythmia Institute at St. David’s Medical Center and the Mayo Clinic, was recently published in the Journal of Cardiovascular Electrophysiology and are available electronically in open access. access through the Wiley Online Library. Study results showed a 93% consensus among blinded reviewers with an overall 75% improvement in intracardiac signal quality and confidence in interpreting PURE EP™ signals compared to conventional sources.

About BioSig Technologies
BioSig Technologies is a medical technology company that markets a proprietary biomedical signal processing platform designed to improve signal fidelity and uncover the full range of ECG and intracardiac signals (

The Company’s first product, PURE EP™ System, is a computer-based system for acquiring, digitizing, amplifying, filtering, measuring and calculating, displaying, recording and storing electrocardiographic and intracardiac signals for patients undergoing electrophysiology procedures ( EP) in an EP laboratory.

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