October 19, 2021

Bill seeks to strengthen the powers of CSC and protect the merit system | Guam News

Legislation has been introduced that would allow the Civil Service Commission to terminate, terminate or demote an employee classified on probation whose personnel action is in violation of laws or personnel rules.

Bill 312-35, introduced by Senator Mary Camacho Torres and President Tina Muña Barnes, if passed, would give CSC the power to serve a notice of adverse action directly on the employee as a result of ” a “null and void” conclusion, with or without the approval of the agency. The measure would also remove the 90-day rule for such investigations and impose a personal fine on any agency official who unjustifiably refuses to cooperate or delays an investigation.

“This bill ensures that fair hiring practices are implemented at all levels,” said President Barnes.

Senator Torres added: “I thank the commission for working with me to protect Guam’s merit selection process, and I hope my colleagues will support this measure.”

CSC is already authorized to investigate and declare illegal actions of staff null and void, but agencies can avoid firing or demoting an employee by ignoring the board’s decision and not imposing action. unfavorable within the 90-day period.

The commission’s executive director, Daniel Leon Guerrero, supported the measure and said recent court rulings made it necessary to “amend existing laws to improve enforcement procedures in investigation, annulment and annulment of illegal actions against staff “.

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