An education system to be restructured

Jan 01, 2022 | 5:19 AM HIST

An education system to be restructured

Bryce D’Souza

In this article, I would like to talk about a topic that has intimidated me for years from going through the ups and downs of my student life, from school to university. This is a subject that I have often wanted to question, given to what extent on its side, it plays a rather important role in influencing the way we live our life as we live it. There is no other broad and all-encompassing term to designate this set of mindsets and value systems communicated by the so-called “educational system” as it has come to be called more and more. more lately.

As we all know, education or rather the “education system” is a means of communicating the “value systems and ideals” of a particular country as well as the culture that governs it. It is a way for a particular community to identify with its heritage, lineage, history and the list goes on. The education system of a country like India would be in relative terms different from the education system of the UK, US and other countries around the world, a seemingly obvious fact that we can take note of. Given the differences that exist in all of these systems around the world, there is one thing that no one can deny that they are all there to “socialize people” into the norms and value systems of a culture, d ‘a country and, in this way, shape people and individuals as to how they see and believe in the things around them.

This, to some extent, marks a radical shift from simply being “schools of thought” to “institutions of socialization” which, given the present world we live in, serve to create a feeling of partiality towards the things we see around us and the way we approach life.

That said, the flow of knowledge or information, as we would have noticed, often tends to be one-sided. The teacher or educator is often seen more as the person with “the expertise” or an “expert” in the subject, while the student is more of a person who learns from that expert. From a larger perspective, we would realize that in real life we ​​are all inherently humans learning every moment, every second and more importantly through every experience. So basically learning is something that takes place almost daily and is part of our true nature as humans. With this in mind, all of our experiences that we have had in life, shape who will become in the end, and together are a key factor or key determinant in influencing the way we think and act in one way, not another way. . Let us also not forget that we live in the digital age, where almost everything is at your fingertips, a privilege that very few in the past would have had the level of development of that time.

In view of the current situation and the circumstances surrounding it, education systems have unfortunately become more of “authoritarian centers” adhering to a particular value system or state of mind which governs it, which, without a doubt, is is influenced by age and time. It is also sad that students have no choice but to feed off these value systems and beliefs in their minds, thus promoting a culture of ‘ignorance’ which by virtue of its virtue, is one of the dangerous things for society and the world around us.

There is therefore an urgent need to restructure this very system in order to reflect the relevant realities of the present times as well as to respond to the demands of the ever-changing society and the economy that governs it. A key success factor would be to effectively move learning from a one-way to a two-way process. This would encourage the “young generation of learners” to express their opinions more on various topics of interest. This in turn would pave the way for debate, which is by far one of the most effective ways to achieve a concrete understanding of the practical aspects of life.

Another point to take into account is that more often than not, the theories that we would have encountered in the disciplines of “Science” and “Social Sciences” are in fact the discoveries and conclusions of thinkers and critical minds in the respective fields. Through constant questioning and skeptical thinking, they were able to arrive at the current findings that we know of at this date and time. Therefore, by incorporating “deep thinking and reasoning”, instead of just “remembering facts”, there is also a greater possibility that certain terms will take on completely different meanings, given the rapidly changing world in this country. which we live in; a classic example, the constantly evolving “English language”.

In short, by going through this whole exercise of restructuring the “education system”, not only are we making the systems aware of the reality that we are living in. On the contrary, it is a great effort made to bring a sense of realism in the way they communicate ideas and beliefs, and more importantly, to inspire a new generation of thinkers and opinion leaders, on the verge of change the world and leave their mark. .

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