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COLUMBIANA – Tim Reash will assume his new role on January 2 as Director of Columbiana Park and Cemetery.

Reash, who graduated from Columbiana High School in 2003, received a Bachelor of Arts in Educational History from Mount Union University.

Reash has been employed by the city since May 2013. He has gained experience in day-to-day operations within the park. He learned transitional skills from his previous positions as an educator and assistant football coach at Ohio Northern University.

“I was able to look at what I consider to be the best leaders in sport and education and draw fragments from them of how they have led teams, individuals and global departments.” Reash said.

Reash was able to observe the collaboration between outgoing Superintendent Terry Shaffer and Deputy Superintendent Frank Nulf leading to Shaffer’s retirement through workplace shadowing. He credits the Historical Society, the American Legion and the Revitalization and Beautification Committee for helping to build connections within the community.

“They all have the same idea in the idea that they want what is best for our community”, he said.

Reash looks forward to building on the foundation laid by both the R&B committee and the Tingle Foundation. Help from organizations and private donors has contributed to an exciting time in Firestone Park according to Reash.

“I look forward to building on what has happened over the past two years and beyond as well” he said.

Reash anticipates changing plans regarding the use of new additions such as Idabelle Firestone Gathering Place and Garden, rentals and future projects. He enjoys watching the park grow to provide more activities and recreational opportunities with the addition of walking trails, sports fields and an outdoor amphitheater that can accommodate nearly 200 people along a hill.

“There is an abundance of beautiful things happening that will bring joy to the community” Reash said.

Designated areas are always reserved for recreational and aesthetic purposes.

“If anyone wanted to fly a kite or play tag or flag football or something like that, there is always an opportunity for that in our park. “ Reash said.

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