142 Merit System employees, including 4 from Trussville, have successfully completed certificate programs

According to staff reports from The Tribune

BIRMINGHAM – The Jefferson County Staff Council’s Training and Organizational Development Department announced on September 23, 2022 that 142 individual merit system employees have successfully completed certificate programs. Among the certificate recipients are Chief Tim Shotts and Lt. Matthew Panepento of the Trussville Fire Department (TPD), and Chief Eric Rush and Constance Watkins of the Trussville Police Department (TPD).

Left to right: TFD Chief Tim Shotts, Lt. Matthew Panepento, TPD Chief Eric Rush and Constance Watkins (photo courtesy of Jefferson County Staff Council)

Seventy-eight employees completed the Leading People certificate, 76 completed the Leading Processes certificate, 56 completed the Professional Development certificate, 10 completed the Public Service Leadership certificate, and six completed the Leadership on the bridge, for a total of 226 certificates among 142 individual employees.

The recipients were recognized at a celebration on Friday, September 23 at 9 a.m. at the historic Boutwell Auditorium. The keynote speaker was Concetta Lewis, Vice President of Talent Development at Daxko.

Merit System employee training and development is a key driver for the Jefferson County Staff Council.

“These programs are great tools that allow our supervisors and future supervisors across the merit system to improve their leadership and computer skills,” said Jeff Crenshaw, acting director of the Jefferson County Staff Council. . “We are very proud of the time and effort this class has devoted to their goals, and we hope their accomplishments will have a positive effect on their jurisdictions.”

The Leading People Certificate program is designed for current and future supervisors to develop the skills necessary to lead the people on their team. This program covers topics such as communication skills, the art of delegation, and conflict resolution, and is essential for those looking to transition from manager to leader.

TPD Chief Eric Rush and Constance Watkins (photo courtesy of Jefferson County Staff Council)

The Process Management Certificate program focuses on the critical decisions a manager must make to ensure the job gets done. Sessions cover topics such as strategic planning, critical thinking, and project management. After completing this program, participants will have acquired the skills necessary to be a strategic leader in local government.

The Professional Development Certificate Program aims to help employees be the best employee they can be. Sessions cover topics such as personal branding, networking, professionalism and public speaking. Employees who successfully complete this program will have a strong foundation to build on to continue their career path within local government.

The Public Service Leadership Certificate program is 16 weeks long and includes classroom learning, online learning, assigned readings, group discussions, a service project, and a final presentation. It enables participants to understand and apply their previous learning, while discovering how the concept of servant leadership can help them succeed in local government.

The Bridge Leadership Certificate Program is a unique, intensive and highly interactive experience that serves as a catalyst for newly promoted leaders. This session engages newly promoted leaders through experiential activities, leadership concepts and exercises, group problem-solving tasks, videos, and lectures. This group received a lot of hands-on practice applying essential leadership concepts to today’s organizational/personal leadership challenges.

TFD Chief Tim Shotts and Lt. Matthew Panepento (photo courtesy of Jefferson County Personnel Board)

For more information on these programs or the Jefferson County Staff Council, visit www.pbjcal.org

2022 PBJC Certificate Program Graduates (142)
(LP) = Leading People (MP) = Process Management (PD) = Professional Development (CSL) = Civil Servant Leadership (ODL) = On-Deck Leadership Program

From the City of Bessemer (1)
• Rolna Hill (MP, PD)

From the city of Birmingham (50)
• Jerald Allman (LP)
• Stephanie Amerson (PD)
• Ramaade Bailey (LP, PD)
• Shunta Barbour (LP, MP, PD)
• Timothy Bell (MP)
• Timothy Brodeur (LP)
• Thomas Burch (LP)
• Colecia Cainion (CSL)
• Derek Camp (LP, MP, PD)
• Demetrius Derico (MP, PD)
• Demarco Easley (PD)
• Andre L. Edwards (LP, MP)
• Carl Endert (LP, MP, PD)
• Bryan Erbrick (LP)
• Kendra Finley (LP)
• Truman Fitzgerald (LP, MP, PD)
• Stanley Frierson (PL, MP, PD)
• Eric Gober (deputy, PD)
• Tammy High (LP, PD)
• Andrea Ishaku (PD)
• Daniel Isom (MP, PD, ODL)
• Robert Jackson (LP)
• Desland James (MP)

• Cameron Jones (MP)
• James Keith (LP)
• Talon Kollars (MP, MP, PD, ODL)
• Monica Law (MP, PD)
• Shanika Lawson (CSL)
• Charles Lewis (LP)
• William Lewis (MP, PD)
• James Littleton (LP)
• Karla McPherson Calvert (LP, MP)
• Johnny Mickles (PD)
• Beneva Nelson (CSL)
• Dedra Peoples (LP)
• Jennifer Pinto (LP, MP)
• William Powell (LP)
• Gloria Raspberry (LP, PD)
• Latonja Samuels (MP)
• Taneka Smith (CSL)
• Marlon Tolliver (LP, MP)
• Willie J. Walker Jr. (LP, MP, PD)
• Arthur Williams (MP)
• Joseph Williams (ODL)
• Starleshia Willis (MP)
• Charles Winborn (MP, PD)
• Jacquiece Witt Smith (PD)
• Dwight Wren (PD, CSL)
• Terri Young Powell (LP)

From Birmingham Public Library (21)
• Cynthia Barnett (LP, MP)
• Karyn Davis-West (PL, MP)
• Jiemin Fan (LP, MP)
• Laura Gentry (LP, MP)
• Lynn Hutchins (LP, MP, PD)
• Pamela Jessie (MP)
• Selina Johnson (MP)
• Loretta Jones (LP, MP)
• Sequoria Lewis (MP, PD)
• Richard Manoske (LP, MP)
• Heather McWilliams (LP, MP)
• Bessie Miller (LP, MP)
• James Murray (MP)
• Mary Beth Newbill (LP, MP)
• Tamiko Nixon (LP, MP)
• Carla Perkins (LP, MP)
• Kenyata Rodgers (LP)
• Saundra Ross (LP, MP)
• Samuel Rumore (PL, MP)
• Ellen Shade (LP, MP)
• Vincent Solfronk (MP)

From the town of Center Point (2)
• Shameika Coleman (MP)
• Catrina Willett (MP)

From the town of Fultondale (2)
• Thomas Henderson (LP, MP, PD)
• Amanda Reid (MP)

From the city of Hueytown (2)
• Henry Dudley (PD)
• Jeffrey Whitfield (ODL)

From the town of Irondale (1)
• Charles Christopher Holiday (CSL)

From the Jefferson County Commission (43)
• Yvette Allen (LP)
• Jereld Bensko (LP, MP)
• Bonita Brown (MP, PD)
• Ladonna Crum (MP)
• Lisa Davenport (PD)
• Anthony Dotson (LP, MP, PD)
• Tammie Tilcia Furman (LP, MP, PD)
• Brandy Holmes (LP, PD)
• Kenneth Holmes (MP)
• Cheryl Hoskins (LP)
• Michael House (PD)
• Michael Jackson (LP, MP, PD)
• Jacquelyne Johnson (LP)
• Ursula Kimbrough (CSL)
• Andrea Knight (MP, PD)
• Yolanda Lee (PD)
• Dedra Lewis (LP, MP)
• Michael Lewis (MP)
• Dave Lively (LP)
• Monique Lowery (PD)
• Dorothy Maul (PD)
• Sherry McClain (PD)
• Jessica Miller (MP, DP)
• Sharon Montague (LP, MP, PD)
• Sonya Moore (PD)
• Kerry Morris (CSL)
• Larry Parrish (PD)
• Ian Peters (CSL)
• William Powell (LP, MP)
• Gwendolyn Reasor (MP, PD)
• Erica Rocker (LP)
• Gloria Rowry-Kidd (PD)
• Edward Ryszkiewicz, (LP)
• Anthony Sparks (PD)
• Russell Starnes (LP, MP, PD)
• Wilma Thornton (MP)
• Gloria D. Turner (LP, MP)
• Chrystal Washington (MP, PD)
• Nancy Wilson (MP)
• Lela Wright (PD)

From Jefferson County Health Department (4)
• Christopher Granger (MP)
• Bronze Johnson (LP)
• Jaline Thomas (CSL)
• Tekela Wimberly (MP, PD)

From the city of Leeds (5)
• Tony Barnwell (LP)
• Wilbert Griffin (LP)
• David Ledbetter (LP)
• Ronald Reaves (PL)
• Patrick Smith (LP)

From the town of Mountain Brook (4)
• Joshua Glidewell (LP)
• Sacha Koster (LP, PD)
• Charles Robinson (MP)
• Shanda Williams (PD)

From the Jefferson County Staff Council (1)
• Drew Brasher (LP, MP)

From the town of Trussville (4)
• Caleb Hancock (LP)
• Evan Massey (LP)
• Matthew Panepento (LP, ODL)
• Constance Watkins (LP, MP, PD)

From the town of Vestavia Hills (2)
• Peyton G. Allen (LP, ODL)
• Jeremy Gurley (LP)

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