Dear MPS Member,


This coming September 18-23, the Mont Pelerin Society will hold its General Meeting in the U.S. for the first time in more than a decade. We will meet in Miami, Florida, less than two months before a pivotal U.S. Presidential election. It will be an opportune time for a vigorous debate of several subjects within the overall theme, “The Battle for Freedom: Where We Stand, Roads for Progress,” which has been developed by Allan Meltzer as chair of our Program Committee.


I hope MPS members will act early to plan their attendance at what promises to be a historic meeting – held in a beautiful location, adhering to our Society’s time-tested traditions of high-level debate, and attracting young scholars to fuel our cause with new energy.


I look forward to seeing you in Miami!


Brad Lips
Chair, Organizing Committee, MPS 2016
Chief Executive Officer, Atlas Network